I believe that technology is amazingly powerful.  It has the power to change our lives in so many ways.  But that power is useless without guidance.  

The principles that power the creation of great software have been found in other crafts throughout time.  That's largely what my career is about.  Melding the old with the new, building software that is as useful and as real for my clients as any piece of furniture in their home.

Good design can be found in hand-made furniture as easily as it can be found in software.  Craftsmanship can be found just as easily in carving wood as it can be in coding.  Logical syllogisms are as pure in philosophy as they are when you're designing an algorithm.  Usability is just as important in a home's layout as it is in a webapp.

So that's what I do.  I take the old and the new.  I try to learn from both and work with amazing people to create great software.  

I have a blog and a resume available.  If you'd like to get in touch there's also a contact form.